Welcome to the Fiction Writers Group official website and blog, a growing community of writers dedicated to helping each other with all aspects of writing. If you love to write, you’re in the right place!

Over in our Facebook Group we discuss all things writing related, from publication methods and editing, to dialogue and style. Join a community of like-minded individuals, where the only job is to improve, encourage, and write!


We encourage all members to seek and offer advice and support in all areas of writing, from grammar to publication. We share opportunities, advice, and questions freely in this group. Want to tell us your favourite author and why? Go for it. Want to ask everyone’s favourite book, or genre? Same again. We are an open and inviting group that encourages participation. There’s no cliques here.


In order to keep the group from becoming littered with book and blog links, we run a monthly promo thread. Outside of that thread, we do not allow self promotion of any kind.


Each week we challenge you to flex your writer muscles with a photo prompt. Up to 300 word flash fiction pieces are accepted, and winners are decided via community likes and showcased right here on the website!


Each Friday you have the opportunity to post the first couple of lines from your active WIP! This is a fun and enjoyable exercise that always gets a lot of attention. Some will be picked and showcased right here on the website!


We aim to host regular short story contests and community anthologies for publication.

Any of this sound like a place you want to be? Then what are you waiting for? Click the link and get over here! FWG


All writers are welcome

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